About Linical

About Linical

Linical was established in June 2005 by a group of professionals who were engaged in new drug development at a major Japanese pharmaceutical company. Ever since, in accordance with our philosophy of contributing to new drug development and promoting the happiness of patients, we have supported the clinical development efforts of pharmaceutical companies, focusing mainly on oncology and central nervous system (CNS), areas for which new drug development is sorely needed. Given the increasing internationalization of large scale pharmaceutical product development, Linical has actively expanded its activities around the world, to become the first Japanese Headquartered Global CRO (Contract Research Organization) capable of delivering a one-stop service for large-scale, global projects.

Our Five Strengths

As specialists in new drug development, Linical aims to be a true “Clinical Development Partner to pharmaceutical companies,” always ready and able to provide wide-ranging support for the business activities of our clients.

As the one and only Japan-Headquartered Global CRO, Linical is equipped to deliver a comprehensive set of one-stop services across the three major regions of the international pharmaceutical market (Asia/EU/USA). We offer a streamlined service, ranging from innovative drug development, clinical development, clinical research, and surveys after manufacturing and sale, to support the drug life cycle management.
Linical is especially skilled at conducting difficult pharmaceutical trials in some of the areas of greatest interest in today’s drug development world, such as oncology and CNS, as well as antibody drugs for “unmet medical needs (UMN).” Our outstanding professionals located both in Japan and abroad deliver our services worldwide and ensure excellent collaboration between our various locations. In this way, we can provide all of our clients with the highest quality (Japan Quality) service regardless of where your study is being run.

Linical is committed to being a Japan-Headquartered Global CRO and true partner to our clients.

Our Three Core Businesses

Linical’s business activities can be broadly divided into three categories — Innovative Drug Development, Clinical Development and Contract Medical Affairs, which covers clinical trials and clinical research after manufacture and sale, as well as marketing.
For details on the services we offer for each business, please go to the relevant page for each category.