Linical Co., Ltd. aspires to grow sustainably, together with the society it serves, based on its basic management philosophy: “To promote the greater wellbeing of all our stakeholders — patients, business partners, shareholders, and employees — we strive constantly to offer professional, high-quality services to support all aspects of new drug development.”

Each and every executive and employee of Linical, ever conscious of our corporate social responsibility, and our two principal duties of “supporting innovative drug development” and “ensuring drug safety,” aspires to making the lives of people all over the world healthier and richer, by conducting our corporate activities with the utmost sincerity.

As a global corporate group, we will steadfastly continue to engage in CSR activities that are appropriate and in keeping with the company’s maturity.

Corporate governance

Labour Practices

  • Ensuring a workplace environment that enables employees to work safely and securely
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Promotion of health management
  • Prevention of overwork (promotion of work-life balance)
  • Promotion of women’s participation and advancement
  • Support to help combine work with child and parental care
  • Promotion of workplace diversity
  • Support for skills development (e.g., in-house seminars and further qualifications)

Respect for human rights

  • Efforts to prevent harassment
    (Prohibition of discrimination based on race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, belief, or disease/disability)

Environment and community

  • Establishing company rules to minimize adverse environmental impacts
  • Social contribution activities by individual employees
    (active encouragement for participation in volunteer activities and local community events)