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Top Message

In June of 2005, Linical was established by nine members who were working in clinical research and development at a major pharmaceutical company in Japan. While at that pharmaceutical company, these nine founding members were engaged in the development of immunosuppressant drugs. They were extensively involved in the entire drug development process from planning to clinical trials, filing new drug applications for approval, post marketing surveillance, and reexamination.

Highly important to their business, pharmaceutical companies are working to maintain new drug development through mergers, acquisitions, and globalization. Outsourcing to CROs (Contract Research Organizations) is a notable aspect of their efforts and one that they hope will lead to new drugs through effective use of corporate resources. To conduct development efficiently with the limited number of personnel resources, as well as to shorten development time and improve quality, pharmaceutical companies are seeking partners who have solid knowledge and capabilities similar to their own that can aid in support of new drug development.

To respond to the needs of these Pharmaceutical companies, Linical specializes in the core areas and operations of new drug development, establishing a system for the quick delivery of highly precise data centered on in-house CRAs (Clinical Research Associates) with extensive experience. Furthermore, in response to the expanding scale of global clinical trials, Linical has put in place a system for supporting new drug development on a global scale with Japan as the hub for operations in Asia, Europe, and the United States. These operations require advanced knowledge, skill, and expertise, which is why Linical is particularly focused on providing continuous employee training. Linical’s Management Team ensures that employees can progressively work to improve their skills.

Both within and outside of Japan, we strive to contribute to pharmaceutical companies’ new drug development efforts, and to patient wellness. To achieve this goal, we continue to refine our knowledge and skills as we take on new business challenges, and we ask for continued support from all of our stakeholders in that effort.

Management Philosophy

To promote the greater wellbeing of all our stakeholders — patients, business partners, shareholders, and employees — we strive constantly to offer professional, high-quality services to support all aspects of new drug development.

Our Mission

To become a think tank specializing in clinical trials (the CRO that provides know-how)

Origin of the Linical Logo

Blue: Integrity and Honesty
Red: Unending enthusiasm
Yellow: Continuing spirit of inquiry

Our corporate logo expresses our passion to pursue happiness of patients through our business activities.