Our Company

Our Company

The type of individuals whom Linical are seeking

At Linical we understand drug development as a science. We have many “human assets” who are experts in drug development which allows us to advise our customers in order to carry out the development process smoothly.
It is important to be able to add value as a professional not only for conducting the tasks as instructed by our customers, but also understanding their needs by having good communication with our clients as well as the investigators.
Taking this into account, the people we would like to have work in our company should possess the following 3 qualities:

Firstly, someone who can be at the forefront of this strong effort.
Secondly, someone who keeps studying with passion and curiosity as a scientist.
And lastly, someone who will embrace collaboration because drug development consists with the support of the people around you. In addition, I hope people are sincere at work.

For example, your line manager asks you to complete a challenging task because she/he wants you to grow in your role.
I believe answering “I will do my best” instead of “I cannot” before you try, is considered more sincere.
You can always ask for help from your team members and leaders. Most importantly, I want you to challenge yourself aggressively in the new work or difficult tasks that are given to you. In doing so, your growth and Linical’s growth will come together.
Last but not least, please keep in mind that there are endless opportunities for every employee in Linical. You may have a chance to be a global project manager who can work internationally and there is also a chance for everyone to become one of the management team members.
If you are willing to work globally as a drug development professional or if you are aiming to be a company management team member in the future, we look forward to receiving your application along with your challenging ambition!

Establishing Linical’s Culture

Our company was established in June 2005 by nine members who were involved in new drug development in a major domestic pharmaceutical company.
I was involved in new drug development at Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (now Astellas Pharma Inc.) and it was a pleasure for me to work under Fujisawa’s company culture and atmosphere. I therefore felt great sadness when I learnt that the name “Fujisawa” would disappear.
This feeling encouraged me to be an entrepreneur of a CRO with a strong policy to “Inherit Fujisawa’s DNA”. This is how Linical was launched.

Stock exchange listing and becoming a Global company

During my time at Fujisawa, I was involved in the development of an immunosuppressive agent that later became known as “one of the world-class drugs which was developed in Japan”. I experienced intimately the development process from clinical trial planning, approval, re-examination of post-marketing and the re-evaluation.
Taking advantage of those experiences in drug development, Linical started with a goal to become the strongest CRO company in Japan. Our first entrusted pharmaceutical project began in December 2005 and this is when we were convinced that our goal would become reality.
We declared “public offering in three years” and in fact we were listed on the Mothers market in three years and four months from the date of our company’s foundation. In 2013, we moved over to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2014, we expanded into Europe and started providing global clinical trial services. The growth of Linical will continue subsequently all over the world.

The Global Outlook

The reason we promote global expansion so aggressively is because by conducting global studies simultaneously, new drugs that are in need now will be more swiftly approved in many countries without a lag time which we believe will ultimately help more people who are suffering from diseases.
Previously, when I was working as a project leader, developing an immunosuppressive agent in a pharmaceutical company, I always felt that “it is not only Japanese patients who are suffering from post-transplant rejection and autoimmune disease; many other people in the world are suffering in the same way. If we could succeed in developing this drug, we can eliminate this incurable disease which causes suffering throughout the world.”
Some of the projects which are currently being carried out in our company are innovative new drug candidates which many people in the world are waiting for.
By conducting “Project X” as a development partner of pharmaceutical companies, we aspire to witness and be a part of the birth of evolutionary new drugs coming from Japan to the world.
Despite the fact that there are many excellent research studies and technology in Japan, the new drug development environment can still lead to Galapagos syndrome (where the development branch of a globally available product can be isolated). If we can provide high-quality services not only in Japan but across the entire world, and overcome the language and time differences, we will become a one-of-a-kind global CRO. That is why we will continue to accelerate our global deployment further.
We are a company who provides a service called ‘New drug development”. Our global resources who provide these professional services are our “human assets”.
What we hope for our “human assets”, who have been entrusted with our future, is to have a strong wish to perform clinical development and deliver better medicines to patients, not only in the developed countries where we already have a presence, but in other countries too.

Management philosophy

To promote the greater wellbeing of all our stakeholders — patients, business partners, shareholders, and employees — we strive constantly to offer professional, high-quality services to support all aspects of new drug development.

Meaning of our Corporate Logo

Blue: Integrity and Honesty
Red: Unending enthusiasm
Yellow: Continuing spirit of inquiry