Why Linical

Why Linical

To meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies, Linical specializes in core areas and processes of pharmaceutical product development, with our highly professional staff built around very experienced CRAs. By building and implementing a system that enables us to deliver high-quality, speedy services, we have earned the trust of many clients.

Reasons why we are chosen by job applicants

We aim at providing various opportunities to all employees.

High growth rate and listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Linical is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As a company, we combine a stable foundation with an intrepid corporate culture.
To achieve results that exceed expectations on quality and timelines through the united efforts of our teams and the company as a whole, we are constantly securing and training outstanding workers, maintaining remuneration standards, and devising innovative management methods.
In this way, we have established the Linical brand, and won many loyal repeat clients. Both our sales and ordinary income are steadily increasing.

Upward career trajectories

Strategically, Linical principally targets major Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical companies as clients. In clinical development, our key strengths are in Phase II and III, and in the areas of CNS and oncology, and we perform 100% of our clinical trials on a contract basis. These characteristics differentiate us from our competitors, and help our employees engaged in clinical research to accumulate richer work experience. Linical also closely watches over and supports the growth of all employees, and readily assigns management roles to promising young individuals.

Training global project managers

To enable Japanese people to support global clinical trials with “Japan Quality,” we implement Japan-led global development initiatives for major Japanese pharmaceutical studies. To prepare our Japanese staff to manage international projects, we have sent selected individuals to undergo training at our EU subsidiaries. Currently, we have three Japanese employees stationed for three-year periods in Germany and Spain. After they complete their secondment, we expect them to play active roles as global Project Managers in Japan, supervising trials across various countries. Over the next 10 years, we aim to train approximately 30 global Project Managers.

Supporting our employees and encouraging retention

Linical employs numerous women in a variety of roles and provides support at various “life events” (e.g., marriage, birth, parental care etc.) to help them establish a long, stable career.

  • The proportion of female employees who returned to the company after maternity leave is 94% ( 31 people).
  • In March 2017, Linical was awarded the third and highest rating of the “Eruboshi (L star)” certification scheme, under Article 9 of the “Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • Subsidizing support systems for use of babysitters
  • ”Work at home” options
  • “Welcome back” process, etc.

As a result of these initiatives, our employee retention rate is high, and some individuals play leadership roles from an early stage of their career.

Team system

To ensure the success of projects, we form well-balanced teams, taking into consideration years of experience, so that no team ends up with too many new employees. We also implement meetings that cut across multiple teams, based on particular clients or technical areas. This enables members of different teams to share useful information quickly. At ML (monitor leaders) meetings, MLs can obtain the latest information from other teams. MLs can learn from both the positive and challenging experiences of other teams and make use of these lessons within their own teams.

Discretionary work system

This system is characterized by its higher degree of freedom compared to conventional “flexi-time.” There is no “core time” or other time restriction. For example, you can start working from the afternoon if you have a private matter to deal with in the morning, or you can work until later in the day, because you want to go home early tomorrow to deal with a private matter. In this way, you can work in a flexible way, according to your individual discretion and personal circumstances.

Project committees

This is a unique kind of meeting held at Linical for the purpose of receiving advice from third-party perspectives. The meetings are made up of people from inside and outside the company who are well-versed in pharmaceutical products, as well as physicians from outside the company. In the meetings, the trial implementation plans of the contract under discussion are examined from different points of view, and the outside experts offer advice and instruction to section heads and MLs (monitor leaders). These meetings are one of the key factors that enable Linical to be a true strategic partner to our clients.

Reasons why we are chosen by clients

Our strengths to support a drug development

Global-scale, one-stop, comprehensive services

As a result of setting up an international development system to address the needs of our clients, Linical — the one and only Japanese-Headquartered global CRO — is able to provide our services in the three major regions of the international pharmaceutical market — Asia (centered in Japan), the EU, and the USA. The company’s highly experienced staff can meet all the needs of our clients with all kinds of services, spanning everything from pharmaceutical product development planning, monitoring, data management, and statistical analysis, to medical writing, regulatory affairs, and pharmacovigilance, and offering not only local trials, but also comprehensive, one-stop services for global trials.

Streamlined services from innovative drug development, to clinical research & development and contract medical affairs

As a true partner with our clients, Linical helps to maximize the value of developed drugs. Our Innovative Drug Development Business provides support for innovative drug development; our Clinical Development Business provides support for clinical development; our Clinical Trial Business provides support for clinical trials and clinical research after manufacture and sales; and our Medical Science Liaison Business provides support for marketing. As professionals, Linical accompanies our clients throughout the development process, from new drug development all the way to life cycle management after approval.

A wealth of experience dealing successfully with difficult projects

The founders of Linical were highly experienced in the area of immune system diseases, so in the early days Linical’s services were also focused to a large extent on this notoriously difficult area. The company later expanded its range of business activities, branching into the specialized areas of CNS (Central Nervous System) in 2006 and oncology in 2010. As the business grew around these three pillars, Linical steadily established a strong and successful track record of delivering projects. The company’s overseas subsidiaries too have a proven record in the areas of oncology and CNS, so the Linical Group as a whole is highly accomplished in managing difficult clinical trials. Furthermore, Linical is now working on a daily basis to establish ourselves in the area of regenerative medicine, to make this another important pillar of our business over the coming years.

Feedback from professionals working with us

Evaluation from Japanese pharmaceutical company

It has been about five years now since we began outsourcing our clinical studies to Linical. As the number of studies they have handled for us has gradually increased, they have become very important and valuable to our company. As clinical development is becoming more and more globalized, we need to maximize speed and product value at the same time, on a global level. For this reason, we frequently need to impose stringent requirements on CROs regarding study design and implementation timing. We’re grateful that Linical is able to deal with our demands reliably and flexibly. Another good point about Linical is that their governance is very good—even when we request changes across multiple studies, they can always adapt rapidly. A key attraction of Linical for us is that they can handle global studies from Japan, which means that even when we have to conduct studies overseas, we can still run our CRO management in the same way we do for Japanese studies. As a growing company that employs a lot of young CRAs, we expect Linical to get bigger and better over time.

Evaluation from Oncologist / Investigator at a Cancer Center

Currently, Linical is helping us with clinical trials relating to adjuvant therapy following esophageal cancer surgery. As investigators, involvement in clinical trials can be very demanding, as we need to continue our daily clinical practice too. So for us, the CRAs at Linical are trusted partners in the running of trials. In addition to providing information on the progress of trials, they also respond flexibly to our specialized inquiries regarding the trial. Linical’s CRAs always serve as bridges between CRCs (Clinical Research Coordinators) and the investigators, working hard and enthusiastically to build relationships that ensure the smooth execution of trials and enabling the enrolment of as many patients as possible. We always feel grateful to the Linical CRAs for their spirited contribution. They share our passion for developing new drugs and also help us to motivate patients to enroll.

Evaluation from Clinical Research Coordinator at a University Hospital

We always feel grateful to Linical because they understand how we operate inside the hospital and are flexible in dealing with us. I summarized several typical comments made by Clinical Research Coordinators at our hospital about the Linical monitors.
Compared to the monitors of other CRO companies, Linical monitors always give us a great first impression and they respond quickly, so we have an overall positive image of them. It helps that we find them easy to communicate with and very approachable, even regarding trivial matters. We don’t find them lacking in knowledge about clinical trials or diseases, and even when we have trials with large numbers of patients, they are always very methodical in their work, which is very helpful. With just a little more attention to detail they might be totally perfect. We look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with Linical.