Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on the protection of personal information and information security within Linical.

Linical, a company operating in the medical and health industries, acknowledging the importance and confidentiality of personal information, will comply with all laws and any regulations relating to personal information and we make efforts to have each and every executive and employee comply all applicable laws and regulations to protect the personal information.

Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy is applicable to any personal information and personally identifiable information.

Management System

Linical, committed to implementing global security measures, will endeavor to prevent illegal access and loss, misuse, destruction, and alteration of any and all personal information.

Handling Personal Information to be obtained for commissioned work

When Linical is entrusted by clients for execution of commissioned work with confidential information, Linical will provide details regarding the confidentiality obligation of personal information, clear definition and assignment of responsibilities, including the return and/or deletion of personal information upon contract expiry.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Linical will not disclose any personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the individual concerned.

Continued improvement of the Compliance and Management System for personal information.

Linical will comply with all laws and regulations relating to personal information and review and improve this Privacy Policy from time to time.

2. Handling of Personal Information

(1) Name of business operator: Linical Co., Ltd.

(2) Purposes of use

① Personal Information of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities and various research institutes, site management organizations and any other persons related to clinical trials or clinical research (“medical personnel”)

  • To execute the entrusted business;
  • To consider business opportunities;
  • To conduct research and study in medical and pharmaceutical fields;
  • To contact and provide information to medical personnel;
  • To respond to the government sector.

② Personal Information of applicants for employment

  • To conduct screening of candidates for employment;
  • To go through the procedures and notify the results of recruitment;
  • To prepare for joining and provide any necessary information;
  • To contact and provide information to applicants for internship.

③ Personal Information of employees (including former employees) and their families

  • To plan the strategy related to company organization, personnel affairs, welfare, education, safety and health;
  • To contact and communicate regarding company business;
  • To manage and provide services about recruitment, performance appraisal, benefits and compensation, commendation, disciplinary processes, attendance management, development and training;
  • To audit to carry on business properly;
  • To respond to the government sector;
  • To contact and communicate with a person having a business relationship;
  • To entrust to third parties for the purposes above;
  • To deal with any other relevant matters associated with the purposes above.

④ Dispatched Worker

  • To perform obligations (including the obligation of payment) and rights regarding the Worker Dispatch Contract between Linical and a dispatch company;
  • To deal with any other relevant matters associated with the purposes above.

(3) Provision to third parties

Linical shall not provide personal data to third parties without the prior consent of the individual concerned except under the following circumstances.

① Cases in which the concerned person's prior consent is obtained;

② Cases in which the personal information is disclosed in a manner that cannot identify the concerned person;

③ Cases in which Linical entrust to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve a business purpose;

④ Cases in which Linical takes necessary action required by law;

⑤ Cases in which disclosure or provision is requested by legal demands.

(4) Joint use of personal information

Linical shall jointly use the personal information of employees (including former employees) and their families as follows;

① Name of the entities responsible for the management of the personal data
Linical Co., Ltd.

Linical Co., Ltd.

② Purpose of the use

Purpose prescribed in “The Handling of Personal Information, Purposes of use”.

③ Range of the joint users

Group companies (both within and outside of Japan) belonging to Linical Co., Ltd.

④ Items of personal data jointly used

Date of birth, name, sex, address, zip code, phone number, employee category, employee number, joining date, educational background, Linical entity, department (including dispatched employees and transferred employees), title, position, mail address, condition of personnel or labor management and other items required for the purposes set forth above.